Close your eyes and envision stress-free wedding planning. At Unseen Events, we offer a comprehensive range of services which are geared to manage or completely plan the entire occasion. Our packages include partial and full planning packages. We work with our clients to customize each event to your specific needs and desires.

Your investment with Unseen Events begins at $1,500

Glimpse Unseen  

Okay so you decided to start taking care of business, and now you want to hand it off! Do you already have some plans for your wedding and need professional assistance to execute? We can help you with this. 

Our Event Management package provides you with professional help to make sure that everything goes according to plan. Here, we take all of your ideas and partner up with you to ensure that every single detail is handled. In as little as 60 days before the wedding, we start by sorting out details, coordinating with vendors, creating an organized timeline and overseeing all of the wedding management to ensure that your big day is just as perfect as you envisioned it. 

Vividly Unseen   

This is our partial planning package. Here, we pick up planning your event exactly where you left off. If you’ve confirmed some of the details but need some help tying up loose ends, then our partial package is just what you need. This package includes everything from the Glimpse package. In addition we give you access to our network of top notch vendors and help with the design and style of your event.

U N S E E N   

Our full package brings you all of our services combined. In this package we handle it all from the beginning to the end. Not only do we work with you relentlessly to deliver your dream event, we also take your preexisting plans and fine-tune them to perfection. Our full package combines all of the planning in our Glimpse and the organizing/management of the Vividly Unseen package. We will also save you time and money by assisting with searching and booking hotel accommodation using our special group rates on hotel rooms for you and your out-of-town wedding guests.


Help Me Be Unseen

So you want to plan it all but just need some advice and tips? Want to know if you are on the right path? Or perhaps you would like to set up your own occasion but need some pointers? Our consulting package brings you top-notch industry information that tells you everything you need to know about organizing your own event. You get to draw from our resource of experience and expertise in order to effectively plan your dream event. From budgeting, timeline and planning, we help you streamline the event to your taste.