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Imagine your favorite brunch buddy helping you plan the most important day of your life!  Each offering allows you to enjoy your guest and wedding day with peace and ease. Unseen Events offers a level of hospitality and comprehensive range of services which are geared to manage or completely plan your entire wedding.



We help you completely plan and design your entire wedding. From beginning to end, we scout venues, source vendors, we develop a custom design based on your style. We take the planning out of wedding planning, while you enjoy your engagement and wedding day. 

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"Working with Bree was an exceptional experience. From start to finish, she was professional, organized and very knowledgeable. The end result was breath taking, and I will recommend her every chance I get! Thank you Bree!"

 - Nereida P.

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Having an enjoyable wedding planning and wedding day is priority for Unseen Events. With our guidance, sourced vendors and eye for detail we will assure that you will plan confidence and expertise. With your vision as out guide, we will provide a refined design concept, assist with creating your room layout, manage vendors and create a seamless wedding day timeline that will wow your guest.


With the level of dedication and commitment that goes into each design we only accept a limited number of weddings every year which creates an optimal client experience.  Because we know each event is unique in need, we are pleased to build custom quotes for clients.  

If you believe we might be what you need to help plan your event, submit an inquiry.

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