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Top 6 things you should REALLY do after you get engaged!

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Yayy you’re engaged! Congratulations, your boo thang has proposed to you in the most romantic way imaginable catching you off guard! He got down on one knee, called you by your first middle and last name, causing you to teared up! With a rush of emotions rushing through your body, you feel as if you are on cloud 9!

Immediately you began to think about planning your dream wedding! WRONG! After you get engaged before you start looking for venues, a dress, different themes and even what your wedding hashtag will be. Take note that you should do NOTHING! That’s right, absolutely NOTHING! For the first 30-45 days after getting married take time to enjoy being engaged! Enjoy the billion “congratulations” text and likes on facebook. Being engaged only occurs for most of us once in life. Enjoy it. You will need the memories of these sweet times once the wedding planning begins!

1. Share your engagement across your social media pages. Share, post, re-post, repost again and enjoy the fact that God created someone for you, and that someone found you!

2. Change their name in your phone from Bae to Fiancé. When dating his name was saved in your phone as his name, dating his name was upgraded to whatever sweet name you created, now that you’re engaged change it to Fiance' with the heart eyes and ring emoji.

3. Take obvious ring selfies. That’s right, take and share the shameless car selfie with your hand up posing in some awkward position to snap a picture of your new sparking bestie.

4. Subscribe to a monthly bridal subscription box. These boxes are delivered once and month and they are cute reminders that you’re now a Bride.

5. Buy fiancé gear. Get you a “Does this cup make me look engaged” coffee mugs, a fancy shirt and strut on! You have engaged hun! Enjoy it!

6. Go on “fiancé” dates. Being engaged takes relationship dynamics to a new level. You now unconsciously require or do things that you may not have done while dating. Now that you’re engaged go on “We’re engaged dates”. Don’t talk about the wedding, don’t discuss a date, or who will be attending the wedding. Just date and enjoy each others company.

Comment down below and share what were the first 3 things you did after getting engaged?

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