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Top 3 Things You REALLY Need To Know Before Planning Your Wedding

1. Guest Count

Okay so guest count can be tricky. Time and time again I have couples say yeah I only have 100 guest TOPS. Then, when it gets to planning and sending invitations they forgot Uncle Jim, Aunt Sally and Cousin Lou. When creating your guest list budget for an additional 20. It’s always better to go down versus up.

2. Style

Consider what’s in season and the time of year you will be getting married. Don’t plan for a beach wedding in Florida in July and plan on wearing 5” Louboutins. No that’s not about to happen hunty. You need to first don’t ever consider a beach wedding in Florida in summer; you about to DIE. Secondly choose a better shoe or no shoes for a beach wedding. Overall, take in account the seasons and fashion trends before planning, choosing your gown, colors, etc. 

3.It’s Your Day

Im all for hearing people out, well all have great ideas yeah yeah yeah. BUT remember its your day. Really take in account what you and your fiancé want and desire for you wedding day. Hear mom and grandma and dad out, BUT do what makes you happy.

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