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Top 5 Things Your Wedding Planner Can Take Care of For You

Updated: May 29, 2020

Whether you have been dreaming of your wedding since you were a little child, or you have no idea what you want for your wedding, a full wedding planner is a perfect person to help. When it comes to using the service of a full wedding planner Tampa couples are seeking them out at a feverish pace. Weddings are amazing and beautiful and a lot of work. You don't realize how much goes into them until you start to plan one. Your wedding planner does so much more than bring your vision to life.

1. Your planner (if they are full time) are constantly meeting, networking and building relationships with vendors in the event industry. This is vital to our business. It’s a game changer. Having a list of solid fully vetted vendors is important for the reputation of our business ANDDDD its something you don’t have to worry about. Partnering with a wedding planner who does all the busy work save time, and we all know time is money, energy and make your wedding planning so much more enjoyable.

2. Venue selection

You wouldn’t believe how may times I’ve toured a venue with a bride and she was like wow this was here the the whole time. Like seriously we all know if you’re not looking for it you wont see it. Like when we get a new car, as often as we die on a daily bases once we get a new car we start seeing it everywhere. Now its not like they just appeared out of the blue, they been there the entire time. LOL same as fo venues. They been there the entire time but we never saw them. As a planner and designer I am constantly touring and visiting new venue as they open (and there is a new one opening every month in Tampa.)

3. Rehearsal

I remember I had a couple reach out to be for day of coordination. As a planner we wear may hats and one of them is an educator. So I had to educate them that there is no such thing as a da of coordinator, you need wedding management. Someone to be there any fully understand ad help you thought the entire wedding planning process. They said they was looking at another person who wasn’t going to do their rehearsal but just come in the day of. I was like wait hold up, how can anyone help if they are not coordinating the rehearsal, do not they need to know who, what and where. Needless to say I had to wish them well and keep it pushing. Planners were here to help make your day the best day ever, and we can do that by coordinating the rehearsal.

4. Attending Meetings

There are countless meetings, zoom calls and emails I am sending on behalf of my brides. I am constantly notifying vendors of changes, updates, add ons and the bride has no clue. And were all human so of course I am doing follow ups with vendors because e-mails slip though the cracks.

5. Be your advocate

Planners are on the couples side. We want you to have the absolute perfect wedding day with all the bells and whistles and with that comes reality. SO being an advocate means cheering you on at your dress fitting when your bridesmaids may be looking sour and throwing shade, and it’s also means breaking down the reality of wedding planning I and cost.

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