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The Power of a Wedding Planner on your Wedding Day

Updated: May 29, 2020

When you’re searching for a “wedding coordinator near me”, you’re probably thinking of the massive amount of planning that goes into a huge celebration. But even if you are putting together a smaller wedding, you should seriously consider the positive impact that a wedding planner can have on the most important day of your life.

On the day of your wedding (or your loved one’s wedding, if you happen to be helping with planning), you don’t want to be tied up solving problems and telling vendors where to go. Instead, leave all those headaches to Unseen Events. Here are just a few types of scenarios where our excellent organizational ability and focused oversight can jump into action and save the day:

  • A caterer runs out of electrical outlets to plug in their heating trays, and can’t find another accessible one.

  • A band’s lead singer falls sick at the last minute and the replacement doesn’t know the mother-son dance song very well.

  • An elderly relative gets lost at the venue and nobody can find them

No matter how much you plan, it’s inevitable that something unexpected happens or a plan goes wrong. With a day-of coordinator in Tampa, though, those issues are solved or worked around much easier and faster. If you do want to be extra careful about avoiding unexpected issues like these, however, you should choose us as your Tampa wedding planner from the start. We double and triple-check every detail to be sure your wedding goes off just the way you dreamed of.

Here at Unseen Events, we put our background in design to work creating epic events with the help of only the top hand-picked vendors in the region. We don’t just coordinate your wedding, we style it!

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