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© 2019 by Unseen Events


Unseen Events is a premium boutique event planning company!

We collaborate with only the top vendors and suppliers in the region to execute your event! At Unseen Events, we are Wedding Stylist. Not one detail is left undone! We take your thoughts, ideas and desires and turn them into a reality.  Located in Tampa we are a professional event planning and wedding planning company focused on helping clients bring their events to life by bringing you custom-made original designs, planning, and vendors with the focus of providing customized services just for you. 

Core competencies





About Albriana

Hi, I am Albriana Youyoute “Bree”, the founder and owner of Unseen Events. I consider myself more than just your average coordinator, I am a wedding Stylist! Event planning and coordinating is my God given gift! I specialize in the planning, organizing and the design of unique events. I also provide a wide range of services designed to suit the specific needs of my clients. Having been in the event planning industry for over seven years, I have worked with countless clients across several fields/industry and I bring a unique touch of finesse and class to every event I organize. I have a Masters degree in Business Management, and operate in a level of great professionalism, honesty and integrity. I am highly organized and simply get the job done! I go above and beyond to make sure my clients are satisfied and every detail is exactitude. I have received additional training on the current and anticipated wedding planning  and event planning trends and an active member of the Association of Bridal Consultants. 

With each event, I pay very close attention to the client’s needs in order to create fine-tuned solutions that meets the ideas they have. My passion for event planning started in high school with creating centerpieces for my great-grandmothers 89th birthday party and continued in college where I was charged with planning events at the University of South Florida. This coupled with my time coordinating events with the University Lecture Experience at USF is where I was opportune to meet the Late Maya Angelou helped reinvigorate my drive and I am constantly striving to bring only the best planning services to all my clients. 

Having planning and coordinating my own wedding I believe that the "event is in the details". By providing custom-made services that is personalized to each client, I bring fun, flair and all of the excellence necessary to make your event outstanding!

When I am not planning events, I love spending time with my Husband and beautiful Daughter, traveling and interior design!

Core Values 

Faith | Family | Love

Rachel Knight

Hey, I am  Rachel but you can call me Rach or Ray! I work behind the scenes and aid in design and organizing the events. I became part of the Unseen Family in 2019 and have enjoyed every single moment since. I have a Master’s Degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management and value integrity, service, and making sure that everyone feels valued and equal. Organization is of major importance to me and it drives my value to the importance of details. I have over 5 years of experience in the hospitality industry working with some of the top names in the hotel and food and beverage sectors. 


My passion for event planning started when I was a child, planning family reunions and holidays with my Mom. Since I was so young, she would grant me the privilege of deciding the menu, helping her cook and decorating the house (including the cleaning). The passion that I have continued on all throughout adolescence, where my designs and themes became more intricate and followed me to my graduate career at UCF with endless courses in event planning.


Being that my values are perfectly aligned with Bree’s, we make a fabulous team! Here at Unseen Events, believe that the “event is in the details,” which is something that I take pleasure in: the details. It is those details that bring the vision and values of the client together. I bring the laughter, funny faces, and more smiles to the excellence of your event! 


When I am not assisting with planning events, I love traveling, watching interior design shows, and shopping!

Assistant Event Coordinator

Service & Love

Service and giving back is important to Unseen Events. We have strong corporate social responsibility and we believe in helping those in need. A portion of our annual sales are donated to bring relief to the beautiful women and children in Haiti.